Our experienced surgical team spays and neuters hundreds of cats and dogs yearly.
As we specialize exclusively in companion animals, our staff is exceptionally skilled at performing spay and neuter surgeries and offers the best anesthesia, the best surgical equipment, the best veterinarians and nursing staff, and the highest level of knowledge and advice for both pre and post-surgical care.

  • Our doctors prioritize pain management during and after surgery
  • We review follow-up care before the pet leaves the hospital in the event that there are any questions after the surgical procedure.
  • Your business at our clinic helps to support the spaying and neutering of thousands of homeless animals each year.
  • We perform dozens of complimentary spays and neuters through the Friends of Animals program at Santa Cruz County Animal Services.
  • We offer additional complimentary services and products (for purchase) at the time of surgery, including nail trims, cleaning the ears, microchipping, and flea treatment and prevention.