Radiology (X-Rays)

Our veterinarians and nurses are adept at taking and interpreting high quality digital x-ray images of your pet.

X-rays do more than let us know if your pet has broken bones, we are also able to view tumors, objects obstructing breathing or digestion, size and shape of heart, liver, kidneys; enlarged lymph nodes, and/or fluid build up in the chest or abdominal cavities.
Dental x-rays allow us to see details of roots, fractures in the tooth, and the health and composition of the jawbones.

The type of x-rays we perform are not harmful, and do not hurt your pet.
Only large amounts of radiation in frequent doses may affect your pet’s health. We do our best to keep your pet healthy while during and after our examinations.

We also have board-certified veterinary radiologists and a cardiologist on call and available to perform ultrasounds and echocardiograms for your pet, and for further evaluation of x-rays when needed.
If needed, we can get an urgent reading from a board-certified veterinary radiologist within hours by emailing the digital x-rays to a team of radiologists.