Physical Exams

A thorough physical exam is the single most important way of telling whether your pet is healthy or ill, and the best way to prevent disease.

Waiting until your pet is sick to seek medical care can mean valuable time lost in treating and curing disease, and regular examinations usually result in a better quality of life and less pain for your pet – and a better value as well.

A physical exam is recommended at least annually for young healthy pets, and semi-annually for senior pets or pets with chronic medical conditions.

The physical exam is a gentle and thorough hands-on inspection process where through visual exam, palpation, auscultation (with a stethoscope), smell, temperature, and much more – we can identify current or potential issues.

The exam is a nose to tail check-up, that should be combined with proper dental care, appropriate vaccinations, microchip identification, behavioral and nutritional counseling, proper skin and coat care, as well as regular screenings for diseases that commonly affect our pets – especially in their senior years.