We do our very best to attend to your pet’s emergency needs and to do what is best for your pet’s welfare in an emergency situation.
If your pet requires a level of immediate attention which we are unable to provide (due to the doctor actively being in surgery with another pet, or occupied with critical care of other hospitalized patients), or if your pet will require 24 hour care,  we will refer you to one of two excellent emergency hospitals in Santa Cruz.

When a pet becomes injured or develops a sudden life threatening disease, there is a need for emergency care.
The need to assess the level of illness, its life threatening potential, and a plan for initial treatment is the essence of emergent care.
We at Felton Veterinary Hospital do our utmost to provide emergency care for the pets of our community.
When that is impossible, or when we are closed – we refer you to a local emergency hospital.
A trip to the ER can be routine or involved. Many problems can be solved in one visit to an emergency clinic, and the animal can return home or back to Felton Veterinary Hospital. When the problem is more involved, and especially if life-threatening, critical care skills, equipment and expertise come into play. After initial assessment and stabilization, some pets require continued efforts to support them through the course of illness.
Critical Care is the continuous support and monitoring of the animal’s needs. Those needs can include oxygen delivery, IV fluids of many types, blood or plasma transfusions, surgery, nutritional delivery, pain control and of course TLC!

These efforts improve the quality of care your pet receives during this crucial time, improving the chances for a good outcome.