Dental health is an extremely important aspect of health care.

The health of your pet’s teeth and gums are hard to evaluate at home as most pets don’t exactly volunteer to have their mouths opened and examined! MANY pets actually have painful and diseased teeth and don’t show it. Tarter build-up and gingivitis (inflammation and infection of the gums), happen without humans being aware of it.

**Pets will continue to eat – even if they have severely diseased and painful teeth in their mouths**

Dental health is crucial to your pet’s overall state of health as bad teeth and gums are responsible for showering bacteria all over the body – infecting heart valves, kidneys, liver, and other organs via the bloodstream, this causes dissolving of the bones of the jaws by infection into the tooth socket and root.

This can also result in abscessing teeth, and pain and suffering for your pet.

Our veterinarians and dental technicians have knowledge and expertise in caring for your pet’s teeth and gums – including the careful and proper extraction of hopelessly diseased teeth when needed.

Our modern and complete dental care unit and instruments allow us to take top notch care of your pet’s teeth!!
Our extensive experience and our state-of-the art dental unit, enable us to offer exceptional dental care for your pets.
Dental procedures are performed under safe general anesthesia, and we always treat your pet with great care and attention – as if s/he were our own.
We monitor heart and respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, body temperature, and more.
There is an anesthesia nurse assigned to just your pet at all times – monitoring and recording all aspects of your pet’s anesthesia experience.
Anesthetic problems are extremely rare (well under 1%) and we understand and stress safety above all else

Our dental specialists pay very close attention to customize all procedures according to each animal’s unique needs.