Dr. Robert Atton, DVM

Dr-Robert-Atton-Felton-Vet-Hospital-ownerDr. Robert Atton was born on the west side of Santa Cruz in the 50’s when Santa Cruz was still a sleepy little beach town. He was born into a family who loved animals.

At 10 months of age “Bobby” was bitten in the face by the family dog, who had been a stray earlier in his life.
Bobby was messing around with the dog’s food bowl – a definite no-no for a dog who had been without food for extended periods of time when on the streets.
The family considered placing the dog in a new home, but Bobby’s older brother and sister voted to keep the dog (instead of Bobby).

At one point, Bob’s family had 2 dogs, 23 cats (2 litters of kittens), and a horse.

At eleven years of age, Bob’s family took a train trip to Minnesota to visit family and the rural farm where his mother had grown up. Frolicking with piglets, calves, horses and chickens for was a delight for Bob, and was exposure to farm life as well as to different kinds animals than what he was used to.

At fifteen years of age, Bob got the first dog “of his own”– “Mike”, a Labrador/Shepherd mix, who was not a healthy puppy.
Bob nursed his mange, intestinal parasites, eye infection, as well as cared for, trained, and raised the puppy.
Bob felt good and somehow right while nursing the sick puppy back to health.
He didn’t know it then, but that experience, and how it felt, would stick with him.

Later, while attending Cabrillo College, Bob began volunteering at a veterinary hospital in Santa Cruz where he had the opportunity to work with excellent veterinarians and nurses on emergency shifts, in surgery, radiology, in the laboratory, as well as in the ICU.
It was then he decided to become a veterinarian and to help animals and their humans.
After finishing his degree in Biology at UCSC, he went on to obtain his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Degree from UC Davis in 1986. Never one to do things the easy way, Bob attended UCSC and veterinary school while being married and raising two children.

Bob’s children and family also share his love of animls and added mice, rats, rabbits, hamsters, and horses to the collection of pets in the household.
Upon graduation from veterinary school, Bob and his family returned to Santa Cruz and Bob started working as a veterinarian in the San Lorenzo Valley and Santa Cruz.

Dr. Bob purchased Felton Veterinary Hospital in 1988 and has been incredibly fortunate to work with the best and most caring veterinarians, nurses, receptionists, and other supportive staff in the entire world.
Dr. Bob and staff moved into the wonderful new veterinary hospital building they are in now in 2007, one which allows patients, clients, and staff a more comfortable and spacious area in which to work, better medical equipment, and the ability to offer pets and their caretakers a higher quality of veterinary care.
Bob and staff are fortunate to be able to live their passion–working with and helping animals and with the wonderful caring people of the San Lorenza Valley area.

Dr. Bob is happy and gratified to be able to work in his own community, the community where both he and his children were raised.

Currently Bob lives in Bonny Doon with three dogs, two cats, and lots of room to garden.
In his spare time, he loves to be with family and friends, hike, run, garden, play with his pets, see live music, travel.
He feels fortunate to live and work in the most beautiful place on earth.