Dr. Kathy Calvert, DVM

Dr-Kathy-Calvert-DVM-at-Felton-Veterinary-HospitalDr. Kathy Calvert grew up in San Francisco and Berkeley
around aquariums and several cages with eggs hatching into chicks and lizards.
One of her first jobs was at a pet store when she was twelve years old.

Dr. Calvert received her BA in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from UC Davis in 1991.
She spent many years developing her exotics experience working in exotics hospitals, zoos, and attending exotics conferences.

Dr. Calvert is one of the few veterinarians in our area with exotics experience – and treats reptiles, birds, rabbits, rodents, and ferrets, as well as cats and dogs of course.
Many appreciate that Dr. Calvert is a good listener and teacher, as well as empathetic and supportive.

Dr. Calvert appreciates the variety of her patients, since each individual is different. She enjoys improving health of animals as well as relieving suffering. She’s also very concerned about the conservation of endangered species and embraces our connection to the natural world.
Dr. Calvert also enjoys traveling as well as outdoor activities such as camping or backpacking especially with her family.

She’s intelligent, hard working, reliable, friendly, and possesses a high attention to detail.