Felton Veterinary Hospital is a companion animal and exotic animal hospital located in Felton, CA.
Our patients include: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Rodents (mice, rats, hamsters), Birds, Reptiles,and Amphibians.
We have been in business for 36 years.
Dr. Robert Atton has owned and operated FVH for the past 26 years.
We are honored to assist in caring for the pets of the San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley, Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz, and other surrounding areas.

Our Doctors
We have three excellent veterinarians with a combined 60+ years of veterinary experience. We also have a truly stellar staff including veterinary nurses/technicians, receptionists, and kennel attendants. Our veterinary nursing staff is phenomenal – educated, dedicated, hard-working, and compassionate – with both the pet and their human companions. Our receptionists are adept at scheduling appointments according to your pet’s needs, and make every effort possible to see that your pet’s needs are met in a timely and caring manner. We also have a dedicated kennel staff who love, hug, walk, feed, and care for your pets 7 days a week.

The Facility
In April of 2007, we moved into our beautiful new Hospital at 5996 Highway 9 in Felton! Our new building is much roomier – for pets, clients, and our employees as well.  We have separate waiting areas for Dogs and Cats, a spacious and comfortable waiting room, three large comfortable exams rooms, separate Dog and Cat wards, a large and well-equipped surgery suite, an Intensive Care Unit for very ill pets and those recovering from surgery, 8 large dog runs (for larger dogs), a modern x-ray suite, a well-stocked pharmacy, an on-site laboratory, a dental suite, a bathing and grooming suite, a boarding facility, an isolation ward for pets with contagious diseases, and a fenced yard for walking dogs.

We have excellent medical equipment including:

  • A New Digital X-Ray machine.
  • An in-house laboratory where emergency blood tests can be run on sick or surgical pets within an hour.
  • A modern and complete Dental Unit.
  • Excellent surgical monitoring equipment to monitor your pet’s heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, and other parameters while your pet is under general anesthesia.
  • Equipment for examining eyes and ears.
  • Blood pressure and blood glucose monitors.
  • An EKG Unit.
  • Centrifuge and microscope.
  • Access to Mobile surgeons, Radiologist’s/Ultrasound, Cardiologist’s/Echocardiogram, and other specialists who will come to care for your pets at the Felton Veterinary Hospital.

Our Mission
The doctors and staff of FVH dedicate our best efforts to providing the highest possible level of care for the companion and exotic pets entrusted to us by the members of our community. We pledge to provide care as if the pet were a member of our own family; and to provide care in a friendly, compassionate, trustworthy, and professional manner.
We strive to heal the pets that we can, relieve the suffering of those we can’t, and to be proactive in preventing disease.